Celebrate Your Inner Child

At Serrano Hotel, we believe every adult hInner Child - Serrano Hotel Near Union Squareas an inner child that likes to explore, discover and experience vacations (and yes, even business trips!), in his or her own unique way.

Put on your inner child goggles and see San Francisco through a fresh perspective! Get scared on the Alcatraz tour, get the world’s best mini donuts at Trish’s Mini Donuts on Pier 39 and eat too many, scream while you shoot zombies at the 7D experience, buy a worthless trinket that says San Francisco, tour the botanic gardens at your own pace and treat yourself to a souvenir, take a nap in Golden Gate park, stay up late watching movies, get up early and go for a jog… There is so much to explore that you’ll scarcely know where to start. That’s where we come in.

Take a look at our blog for what inspires us. Ask our concierge for a new experience recommendation or any of our staff members, for that matter. We live here, we love it and we are all in touch with our inner child.

Your Inner Child Wants to go to San Francisco.


See you soon!