San Francisco Fog Design + Art - Serrano HotelSan Francisco’s Fog Design + Art | Information and Guide to the best of the 2016 Event

San Francisco’s Fog Design + Art 2016 is the chance for city residents celebrate two of San Francisco’s favorite things: our vibrant art scene and illustrious fog. Three days is hardly enough to showcase the range of highly innovative design talent, the event displaying contemporary pieces of furniture, fine art and other design objects. Together with San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), Fog Design + Art is recognizing the growing art scene in San Francisco. Exhibitors from all over the country and local creatives demonstrate their ability to bring art well beyond the canvas.



Notable this year is the 21POP “Cut it Out” display where celebrated designer Stanlee R. Gatti showcases her technique in crafting by hand. The FOG FORUM is the heart of the event where throughout the three days top Bay Area designers, including architects, industrial designers, and landscape architects spotlight their work and share ideas. This year’s Innovators Lunch honors Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, co-founders of Instagram and recognizes several local, Bay Area artists.

Photo courtesy of: Fog Design + Art

Celebrate San Francisco’s best contemporary design and then celebrate a stay at the beautiful Serrano Hotel.

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Wednesday, January 13th
Preview Gala benefiting SFMOMA, purchase tickets here

Thursday, January 14th
Open to the public
Innovators Luncheon, private event
Presentations–FOG Theater
Friday, January 15th
ArtBites, purchase tickets here.
Open to the public
Presentations–FOG Theater
Screening: The Incredible San Francisco Artists’ Soapbox Derby
Saturday, January 16th
Open to the public
Presentations–FOG Theater

Sunday, January 17th
Open to the public
Presentations–FOG Theater

FOG Fair Tickets
January 14-17, 2016
$20 per person online • $25 per person at the door
Admission is good for reentry throughout the fair.

Experience this year’s best designs.

Event Information:
Fog Design + Art
January 14th– 17th

Fort Mason Festival Pavilion
2 Marina Blvd

San Francisco CA